I’m debating whether to express my true identity on this blog…

This blog’s name ties to another site which used my real name (which I’ve said here exactly once so far). 

It could be a huge mistake.

I’ve chosen a certain path in life, but I can’t make a living following it just yet.  Expressing my true Self at this juncture leaves me open to snoopy job interviewers, stalkers, etc., who can simply not hire me with no reason given or come after me if they don’t like what they read.

The question then, is at what point do you stop hiding who you really are?  We live in an age where madness hunts the sane with laser-like precision.  A talented, brilliant person can have their entire life destroyed for uttering or typing the word “nigger”.  Insult a fanook or Jew or do anything to get you on the already impossibly long list of things vagina-owners claim to be offended by and you’re toast.  In the 21st century smokers and now fat folks are increasingly being treated like nazi-era Jews.  And yet the artist must continue to tread diarrhea.  As always.

Another problem with blogs are your friends.  Which subset of friends do you let know you have a blog?  If you have multiple blogs, who gets to read which?  Anyone you tell about a blog can’t be untold:  you’d have to dismantle all your hard work with each revelation.  And, of course, you can then no longer write about them freely. 

At what point do you stop hiding who you really are?


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