I’m a big fan of nanotechnology. I actually might have been born at the right time, if I can accrue enough wealth to afford cutting edge medical nanotech.

Paradox: for someone who hates life, I sure want to live a long time, at least long enough to own a robot like “Sonny” from I, Robot and be immersed in my own virtual worlds, including fuckbots.

Rather than try to explain what nanotechnology is via cut-n-pasting from the goobers stealing from other net sources to make the wikipedia entry, I’ll give you an example of what nano means to the world:

Imagine being very much alive and awake, living in a world where every molecule is a controllable building block and every object you come in contact with is a computer. Imagine entering a room where every object can be arranged and changed at will, including the walls and furniture…change a beanbag chair into a coffee table made of solid diamond and watch it walk around the room.

Now imagine whole cities being grown in a matter of months…indeed, the whole world becoming a ball of malleable Play-Doh to sculpt as we see fit. Starvation, poverty, filth and most illnesses and biological defects will all become relics of a dark age.

Provided most of humanity isn’t destroyed by renegade AI or fucking muslim fanatics, we will have this golden age in another century…another century after that people will be as gods: super-powered, with artificial bodies that will easily last centuries, or consciousness downloaded into something akin to the Matrix, only under human control.

If we can just make it that long…


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