bated breath

when you gonna start your wordpress blog? me and todd are waiting. todd’s put up a lot of shit already –Howington

I’ve caught up on both their bloggies. I was tempted to email H today and give him the good news, but didn’t. Of course, if he was cleverer or nosier he’d have already found Meatlights39: the blog.

It’s 0230 now. I was going to leave the compy off but with these virtual ego shrines how can anyone stay away for long?

I enjoyed my trip to Super Wal-Mart, the one on US19. In the past 2 months they totally revamped it, putting in all new floors, rearranging the depts, and best of all, a brand new fleet of powdered-steel shopping carts with wheels that Roll like Royces. Even the bathrooms, brand new and free of graffiti (for now) sparkled regally.

It took months and months of “hard work” but it was finally time to buy another tall “personal size” bottle of Astroglide. I stroke though approx. 3 of them per year.

When someone tells me to go fuck myself, I’m ready! With more and more posts every day, it’s bound to happen soon enough.

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