Sleeping Symphony of Violence

Last night I had serial nightmares about a killer no one would believe was a killer, so he was never locked up. The one witness wouldn’t speak out against the killer, so I was constantly on the run, either trying to protect the idiot or save myself from authorities.

When the killer went to slit someone’s throat with a straight razor I turned the blade on him and slit his throat, which was fun. I credit watching the “bar scene” from Seagal’s Out for Justice for the kick-ass aikido-esque maneuver of the blade.

As mentioned, the nightmares were serialized, so the same human monster would reappear again. Most of the rest of the episodes I was scrambling to find a gun, which I never did. When the killer came after me I started hurling bricks at him. Then I awakened, but not holding a brick.

Violent dreams mean spiritual progress; you’re slaying the demons of your own ignorance. That may not be true but it does sound cool.

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