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are you a quantum nigger too?

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Everyone has days where events conspire to remind them they are quantum niggers, slaves to people and things besides themselves. Why quantum? Because whether you’re here or there, you’re fucked, there’s no escape.

Today it was my turn. I left work in a murderous rage.

Hours later, even after a return to the much-hated gym, I’m still furious.

The cockbiters at work will now have to be notified there are jobs within the job I will no longer do, and if they don’t like it they can write me up and fire me, fuck ’em, I don’t care, what the hell is being fired from a company that doesn’t give a shit about its employees? All they care about is the bottom line, which actually hurts business.

Well fuck ’em. I’m just a quantum nigger.

My life is one big shitstain. Unemployment would be horrible, but no day would end feeling as rotten as I do now.

In 4 hours I’ll be awake again for another fuct day. Fucking god-damned prison nightmare. Fuck everyone, punch God in the cunt, slit His throat, rape all the whores at the job, smash the skulls of the bosses with hammers. Smash the till, grab everything green, kill the Brinks faggot rape him with his own gun, steal the rest, smash the glass, shoot a nun, run to mexico, fuck whores, piss on the beach, drink, snort nutmeg, shoot a cop, fuck a dolphin, wipe your ass with a high school yearbook repeat as necessary.

Never quite exhausted

Thursday, 13 September 2007

I’d just finished “riffing” in the break room when a guy I didn’t know too well, who had no idea I’m in the stand-up game, said, sans sarcasm, “So when will be seeing your HBO special?”

It was a damned good feeling.  If other people can see something without being prompted on what to look for, then there’s some hope there.

More shit gets written.