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LCS Penultimate

Saturday, 15 September 2007

In the penultimate episode of Last Comic Standing, Gerry Dee was (rightfully) dismissed. Some of his stuff was great but he just wasn’t consistent enough. I’m sure he’ll be back next year.

So now we’re down to Hickory-hick Jon Reep vs. Fat Blackie Lavell Crawford. Based on the performances of this (otherwise terrible) episode, I think Crawford has it. Neither man was much funny, but Crawford had the energy. His cream-colored suit alone is a triumph of modern engineering; looked like a two-legged beige moon.

Compare these guys with their dumbed-down, repetitive banter to a floating genius like Steven Wright or Mitch Hedberg.

Now you see…

I’ll fucking kill you, twerp

Saturday, 15 September 2007

A great weakness of mine, this interweb.

Not only is it a great distraction and time waster, it threatens my health.  I’ve walked away from the computer literally ready to kill someone, all over asinine, juvenile comments typed by some dickwad using a made-up name, a dickwad whom in real life I’ll never even meet.

Learning not to take their bait is a sanity-preserving skill, as well as art.  Conflict is inevitable.  They even gave Jesus a bunch of crap and He was only trying to help.

One should learn to accept others’ good and bad reactions with equal grace.

It’s easier said than done.

I like this blog.  It’s like a Leatherman Wave, snapping the barbs off the bait-hooks these chumps toss out, then removing them.

But there are still many, many times I’d love to get a garotte around their necks…