Dragonflies and slitting throats

As I go forth to buy a sandwich, thoughts of comedy continue to haunt.

A 1985 book I borrowed called Funny Business (author:  Ken Berryhill) suggests that comics are either “naturally funny” or actors…or both.  Stan Laurel was naturally funny while Oliver Hardy was “an actor from start to finish”.

The book lists several comics who are both naturally funny and actors:  Steve martin, Buddy Hackett, and (ugh) Robin Williams, the last of whom I sometimes like as an actor but as a comic just throws shit against the wall.

Since I’m starting from comedy scratch, I have to figure out if I’m “naturally funny” or an actor.  Claiming to be both at this time would be ludicrous.

I’m leaning more towards “actor” as a self-descriptor, because a naturally funny person would be funny in most situations, while my humor’s energy source is rage and outrage (plus saying one is naturally funny sounds suspiciously close to pricks with the nerve to proclaim, “Well, you know, I’m a genius.”)

As for the actor-side of things, being able to turn talent ‘on and off like a switch’ sounds like sociopathy.  I’ve mildly felt like crying at the sight of a dragonfly with a damaged wing, yet if anarchy broke out, I could think of 3 people whose throats I would slit with the satisfaction of taking a hearty bite of cereal.

Since a real sociopath would feel nothing at seeing both the dragonfly and slitting throats, I’m just a regular paradoxical turd human and not a sociopath (I know throat-slitting is an unsettling topic, especially coming from strangers, but we have no choice.)

I don’t want to be an “angry” comic and I don’t want to use profanity.  Those are my parameters.

I’ll review my jokes later and study some stuff on the internet.   How is it done?  I wonder.

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