Reep was sowed on LCS

Saw the Finale of Last Comic Standing, a two hour suckfest. I won’t even comment on the fucking puppets.

I felt really bad for Lavelle Crawford during the roast. I’m nowhere as fat as Crawford but I felt his humiliation from here. Most of the idiots doing the roast were practically strangers and they even managed to get that Jeff-Somebody-Jewboy that appears in every roast special. Crawford let them have it when it was his turn and that was great.

Reep’s roast wasn’t as good.

Either one of the final two could’ve taken established routes to the top, Reep with the Blue Collar set and Crawford with the bruthas, but I’d hardly call it Nostrdamusian to say Reep would win.
My opinion is that no working comic is a loser.

All in all, who cares. I’ve got my own shit to worry about.

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