Please remove this dinner jacket

Elsewhere on the web, I read that the Feds are “cracking down” on steroids…they’re too busy with that exercise in futility to lend two or three snipers to take out “Dinner Jacket” the Iranian asshole.

I can’t really give props to Clod-dumbia’s kollij Prez for flying the camelfucker in and hitting him with “hard” and obvious questions.

We already know the persian fleabag’s responses about Jews, nukes and gays. We would get the same line of bullshit if Hitler from 1939 had been flown in, which Clod-dumbia claimed it would also have done in the name of “intellectual freedom”.

These tinpot dick-tators are all one-trick ponies. Though personally frail, they are as programmed as terminators in their delusions and just as relentless.

We should assassinate Dinnner Jacket, publicly and gruesomely. Iran would be glad we did, especially the persecuted persian poo-pushers.

Your mighty Emperor has spoken.


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