Political Rant III

I’m going to get this down and done quickly because this blog isn’t political.

Some posts back I promised to expand on my hatred of liberals.

Well, a bold statement like that demands a clichéd disclaimer, which is that some of my best friends are liberals, or rather have an unhealthy surplus of liberal ideas. I myself support two ideas not just liberal but radical: decriminalizing drug use and prostitution.

In my view there are now only a minority of old school “left-of-center” liberals with the rest of them degrading into moveon.org marxist nutjobbery. I dislike and distrust the former and HATE the latter, which might as well be islamofascists for their lack of love and respect for anything American.

How do conservatives differs from liberals?

1) Conservatives support traditional values. Far from being a simple code word for Jesus, traditional values, simply defined, are values that have worked and will work anew if you’re trying to build and run a functioning society based on laws and not cults of personality. These values have been “field-tested” for centuries and therefore any attempts to “improve” upon them should be forced to run a gauntlet of intense criticism and questioning before even being considered. In the last 50 years we’ve lost whatever mechanisms were in place–mainly citizen patriots with a good history education–to defend the Proven Ways. Moral relativism has poisoned the well.

2) Conservatives believe in something greater than themselves. The modern atheist/leftist is a narcissist who believes she is the arbiter of all things good and evil, and that she was born knowing right from wrong. Better yet for them, these delusional self-anointed embrace the moral relativism which makes anything good or evil to suit their needs at the moment.

3) Conservatives distrust government power and see it as a last resort, not a panacea. Obviously the current conservative crop in office have failed this one, but that doesn’t mean the value itself is wrong or doesn’t work. Liberals equate favoring small government with favoring big business. Granted, some biz regulation is required, but business is what creates jobs and wealth and a better standard of living for all, whereas government creates nothing and can only take from what already is.

4) Conservatives learn from their mistakes and learn from history. This one’s a stretch really, because anyone in government on either side of the aisle depends on the ignorance of the masses in order to (re)introduce the same failed government schemes to fool the rubes. Maybe a better way to put it is that conservatives tend to trust factual data, whereas liberals only go with gut feelings, which too often are absolutely backwards on a larger scale.

Example: We would all rush to help a child we saw living in poverty, but when the government program to “help poor children” begins, most of the monies thrown at it end up being spent on a huge bureaucracy rife with fraud and abuse. The end results are the poor child getting only enough to stay poor and the rest of us now a little bit poorer, whichy means less money to take care of our kids, while the bloated government program lives on in all its failed glory decade after decade.

These days I don’t bother arguing politics. If you’re over age 25 and haven’t learned how politics work, you’re either a liberal, a woman or both.

I’m not against “polarization” either. Choose a side. If it takes another civil war to get America back on track, then so be it. End of line.

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