A Second American Civil War?

A Second Civil War in America is possible…hell, civil war is possible anywhere.

The underlying cause remains: you can’t have a stable middle ground between right and left, individualists and statists. Government keeps getting bigger no matter who’s in charge, a constant of life that always will be until space aliens take over.

At some point down the path, the mouths are going to outnumber the food, the indolent will outnumber the working and the ignorant masses performing harmful, mindless actions will outnumber mindul but inertia-bound, apathetic thinkers.

Disasters are forthcoming; it’s always the way. God doesn’t care, isn’t threatened. The Plan is working perfectly and on schedule.

All you can do is know yourself: what you believe in, what you’ll fight for, what you’ll die for. On top of that, try to be someone who can live and learn to endure the unbearable.

What else is there?

One Response to “A Second American Civil War?”

  1. motel todd Says:

    That’s the truh, bubba!

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