Damage Report

Been readin’ my old AHA writins’…they’re not awful, but most are bloated, in need of leaner editing. The few fiction stories are OK, they’re edited to the bone. Other pieces were amalgams of emails I’d written to Howington. Sometimes he added his own twists, but I let it slide with the rants.

My body of work is jaundiced, not good overall, but I’ve had my moments. For me, Anti-Heroart was mainly Howington and Motel Todd, with Gary Goude and me thrown in for good measure. It went as far as it was going to go and now it’s done.

I worry that it’s still out there on the web. The clever 21st century employer googles all potential employees. Though I’m not Black I’ve written the word nigger and meant it, especially towards myself. That won’t matter to these cowards. They’re terrified–like everyone else–of lawyers and bad press. No one would hire anyone admitting to typing the word nigger and meaning it in any context.

For a conservative, image and message are more important than they should have to be, because 98% of the media is rigged against you. You are the bad guy getting in the way of all their fun and you’re branded a racist for even mentioning race. The right-wingnut will forever be on the defensive from these clowns who deny their bias to this day.

Imagine any of the last 10 Presidents saying, “I’m proud of my race.” It would scare the hell out of everyone. It just scared you.

So this blog is more than a useless gesture, it’s a way of enforcing my quest for higher goals. There’s no turning back or going back, the Rubicon has been crossed long ago.

Who wants to make a living or a life without bringing themselves along?

Self-expression is an ultimate price.


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