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Television sickness

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Father Time and my shit job conspired to bring me several days off in a row; I’ve wasted two of them ‘catching up’ on TV, most of it junk.  Mythbusters is a fun show, but it’s not going to help me get anywhere in life.  Neither is Family Guy, The Simpsons (hasn’t been funny for years), Kitchen Nightmares, Smallville, Futureweapons, shows about snipers and a few ultimate/combat “reality” shows which don’t teach shit.

 I haven’t watched a whole day of TV in years.  It’s worse than heroin; not even Tivo can organize it all and there’s so much crap by sheer volume a sleepless immortal couldn’t absorb a tenth of it.

 It is sickness.  I’ve got to break free of its evil.  Three hours of Mythbusters to go.

If you don’t know (of) Kevin Kelly you don’t know Diddley

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Kevin Kelly is the type of guy people swear can’t exist in the 21st century:  a self-taught individual with little “official” education who pursues a wide variety of interests.  If you ever want to feel like a lazy do-nothing, visit his website, many facets of which have been streamlined into his new ‘super-blog’.

I’m a big fan of Cool Tools.  Visit; it’s there. 

The opposite of genius

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Last Friday I was setting up the vitamins I take each night before sleep (magnesium is supposed to aid in remembering dreams and make them more vivid) when the plastic container lid I’d placed them on tipped and fell, knocking all the pills into the trash can and hard to reach places behind furniture.

The tipsy lid/container had been resting atop one of those plastic spindle-cylinders that hold 50 blank CDs.

Blinded with rage I hammered the CD cylinder with a not-quite-closed fist; plastic cracked and exploded, a double-testament to my great strength and foolishness.  For a terrifying moment I thought I’d broken my hand, oddly in the same place I earned a hairline fracture while skateboarding over a decade ago.

It’s now 24 hours later and most of the swelling on the side of that hand has receded.  I don’t think the bone was cracked or else there’d be searing and pulsating pain; the bone could’ve bruised, it still smarts and is sore.

A moment of pure, crystalline stupidity to smash that fucking thing.  Right at the beginning of a few days’ away from work too.

There’s no moral here.  That same Friday people all over the world accidentally killed themselves or other people.

Now the spindle-stack of 50 blank CDs is going to gather dust.  I’m just glad it’s the only thing broken.  

Writing for what, sex and a tricycle?

Sunday, 7 October 2007

A possible spammer (unless the robots are that good now) called one of my rants “interesting”, a mild, often unintentional insult. But I’m not insulted, writing is like taking a crap: no control over the outcome but sure feels good doing it.

Meatlights is as useless as my other writings. Believe me, that’s not a cry for help or comments, it’s just not as good as I imagined it was.

Notoriety has never been the problem, I can’t blame the audience. For fook’s sake I was interviewed on behalf of AHA (via webcam) for the G4-acquired and now-cancelled show ‘Screwed’ with Martin Sargent. I was on AHA for 5 or 6 years. At least 1000 strangers on earth might know who I am.

Fook writing. Only the novel format has any potential to make money; I have little motivation to write one or do anything else.