Writing for what, sex and a tricycle?

A possible spammer (unless the robots are that good now) called one of my rants “interesting”, a mild, often unintentional insult. But I’m not insulted, writing is like taking a crap: no control over the outcome but sure feels good doing it.

Meatlights is as useless as my other writings. Believe me, that’s not a cry for help or comments, it’s just not as good as I imagined it was.

Notoriety has never been the problem, I can’t blame the audience. For fook’s sake I was interviewed on behalf of AHA (via webcam) for the G4-acquired and now-cancelled show ‘Screwed’ with Martin Sargent. I was on AHA for 5 or 6 years. At least 1000 strangers on earth might know who I am.

Fook writing. Only the novel format has any potential to make money; I have little motivation to write one or do anything else.

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