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I’m Bruce Banner!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

I acquired a supply of topical testosterone gel. The individual gel packs are a very low dose, only 5mg. However, the male body produces only 7-10mg per day, and I have tested low.

Intarweb info is worthless but at least it’s varied:

Hardcore bodybulders deem the gel ineffective for serious gains. These goons inject anabolic steroids in their butts, at least 33mg a day.

The gel is not good long term because it shuts down natural testosterone production.

Gel can (possibly) “enhance skeletal muscle mass by stimulating the muscle protein synthesis rate”.

My conclusion–at this juncture–is WTF, go ahead and try it. If anything, it will “keep me honest” and working out every day. I’m seeing my own doc in a few days (the one who ran the test-o-tests) so if he discommends any testosterone replacement (or in this case, a return to normal levels, what nature OWES me) then I’ll certainly stop.

For now I’ve got a small window to test results.


Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The fat waitress taking the order said: “That’s weak.”

I didn’t know what she meant, since all I’d done was order soup.

When it came time for dessert and I declined, she said, “That’s weak…again,” and it all made sense.

Later I told my old man I regretted not punching our cunt waitress in the face.

I wish I’d had the strength but I’d only ordered soup.  True story.