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Brokeback and the beasts

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Finally saw Brokeback Mountain today, on DVD. I would’ve watched it sooner, but there’s always something better to do than watch gay cowboys…you know.

Now that I’ve seen it, I’m not averse to saying it’s a great film in every respect. It has all the makings of that overused word “masterpiece”, only for real: excellent acting, soundtrack, pacing, story and the nature shots of Wyoming are gorgeous. The Gay is tastefully done and I suppose as a sort of reward for dudes dragged to see this, both attractive female leads go topless. Even more amazing, Linda Cardellini, who has only a brief role and does not strip, ends up the sexiest woman in this epic. If that hottie can’t turn Ennis Del Mar away from The Gay, no woman will.

One thing I thought would happen did not: Jack (Fuckin) Twist’s mother sneaking Ennis the goods he’d offered to take in fulfilling a request. Hope that info doesn’t spoil anything.

Ebert is right, The Gay isn’t the point of BM, it’s loving Something you can’t have and the beauty and tragedy resulting therein. I’ve never felt that way about anything or anyone; all I crave is to be away from the monsters that compose 99% of what is jokingly referred to as humanity while still getting by. I haven’t yet been able to do so successfully. God hides well.