I’m not a nice guy after all

Not long ago, I was approached by a sunburned homeless fellow outside an office supply store, asking for “a ride” a few blocks across town. He was appropriately groveling, which I didn’t encourage, and I left him standing there gratefully with $20 of my money.

Last night, at a Hoss station a mile or two from the site of the original event, guess who approaches as I’m pumping gas, asking for a ride?

Already irritable, I looked away, then looked back at him and said, “We’ve met before. And no, I’m not headed that way.”

Looking scared, he apologized for bothering me and vanished. Seconds later I heard a sound like rushing river rapids, looked down and saw the pump drowning in overflowing gas. Motherfucking COCKbiter sun-ova-bitch.

Again, no moral here. You’ve got people who would make their living begging; you don’t have to be a part of it if you don’t want to be.

I have it better than these street folk, but then, they get to keep 100% of every dollar they make. The skilled ones make a very good living.

Wish I had less pride and didn’t hate people so much. I’d already have my bullshit ‘Work For Food’ sign made up and grown out a mullet.


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