Got nuthin but exploding melon

I’m glad to have this weekend off as a coda to a solid week of doing…nothing, having the week off and just watching TV, recorded TV to be sure, but in the end most of it crap.

With modern TV, even the subjects you find interesting are presented helplessly stunted and slow, trapped inside the TV format, e.g. fucking Mythbusters has to reexplain every stunt after every commercial break. As my old man pointed out, these shows are for fried people coming home from work who don’t want to think, they just want to be entertained.  Fair enough , but is it really impossible to entertain and move information quickly? In the Age of Tivo, you can always rewind.

You already know this, but you can absorb a lot more information in 5 minutes of reading or even surfing than watching TV.

In other news, I revise my opinion–slightly–of “Supergirl” on Smallville. She has competent TV acting ability but hardly a rack, and her hair needs a major overhaul. C’mon, didn’t you know she was going to explode that melon all over Clark? And Lana still needs to die, for real. Make it turn out the idiot is a clone or something. For Kryp’s sakes there are now THREE lovely bitches who know Clark’s “secret”, four if you count Annette O’Toole (and I do).

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  1. Mara Lannon Says:

    It is obvious that the federal government has the obligation to protect the people and enforce our laws. The state of California and the City of LA have the same responsibility. However, if they choose not to work with the federal government it is their right, but it is then the right of the federal government to withhold funding. The idea that California wants to use public funds to support law breakers is abhorrent.

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