My Seagate 40GB USB external hard drive started beeping when I plugged it in.

Fugg that, nigga.  I’m not about to lose my “life’s work” over a new beeping noise it’s never made before.

I bought a 250GB WD Passport hard drive yesterday.  I paid more than I wanted for it, but COSTCO stopped selling the 160GB in favor of the 250. 

The Passport looks cool as shit, sleek black with a beautiful blue “eye” to indicate it’s powered.  

I have no clue what to do with that much space.  The old 40-gig almost got full, but that’s only due to full-length “art films” I’ve downloaded. 

 There’s a program called DriveClone 3.0.  I don’t know how, but it’s supposed to be able to burn an “image” of your entire hard drive and then place it on a new hard drive…from an external USB.  Meh, that doesn’t seem possible.  Doesn’t the craptop need the hard drive in the machine to be bootable before it can read an external?  

Hope I never have to find out the hard way. 






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