Mia Amore

There’s a scene in an early-90s “art film” called Juicy Lucy that I’ve always found scorching.

It’s two couples in the same room; Sabrina Dawn (“best legs in porn”) on a squeaky bed with Tom Byron, who reminds me of Beaky Buzzard, the borderline retarded vulture in the old Warner Bros. cartoons.

Those two are negligible.  The other coupling, between Mia Powers and Marc “Hooknose” Wallice, holds the real heat.

The first time I ever saw Mia she was kneeling at the base of the bed where Byron slogged away.  Most guys would probably find her looks unimpressive, even now.

Not me.

Mia Powers was tall and skinny with a thick mane of black hair, B-cups and a fair ass.  Her front teeth were slightly crooked, making her even hotter.

Wallice, playing the in-depth character of “Buck the Janitor” enters the sorority bedroom wearing tank top and sweatpants.

Buzzard Byron says, “Hey Buck” and goes back to work.  Buck says nothing.

Wordlessly Mia raises up on her knees and with slow, infernal, drowsy motions, tugs Wallice’s waistband to the floor.  No-underwear Wallice hangs limp as she gets in position, eyes half-lidded, expertly using her mouth while he caresses her back.

Mia sucks with skilled drowsy prowess while “Buck” removes his shirt.  If there’s horny sedatives on the set these two have taken the same ones.

Languorous doesn’t begin to describe the slow burn of Miss Powers’ fellatio.  Wallice, in a signature move, interrupts his own BJ (what a gentleman) to tongue-kiss her.  This make-out’s even hotter than the fellatio, as she holds her hands over his thrusting custodial manshaft.

When the make-out is through the bitch attacks his cock like its on fire and only she can suck it out.  Wallice almost loses it, or does a great imitation of a hook-nosed pony-tailed janitor about to lose it.

The scene cuts away to the Buzzard and Legs, and soon Mia is angled awkwardly below another bed and then things seem to flow normally, the heat dissipating, you can even catch Mia opening one half-lidded eye toward the camera.  But that cocksucking was otherworldly.

I went on to ravage Mia’s short catalog of work in the ensuing years…nowhere again does she perform with the same drugged dreaminess of that scene, nor in her brief career did she ever work with Wallice again (certainly not now that Wallice is an HIV+ pariah, going on 10 years).

Hate to use a cliché but in this case it’s accurate:  Mia Powers, Virgo, former Alabama-stripper-cum-art-film-actress–seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, around 1991.  Even the mighty all-seeing eye of Google can’t find scraps of anything.

And so these hot moments embedded in an average early-90s-era art film assume a heated, crystalline dreamlike quality, never to be repeated, while I sing Somewhere Out There to Mia Powers, directing the tempo with my right hand.  I hope she never got her teeth fixed.

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5 Responses to “Mia Amore”

  1. moteltodd2 Says:

    I recently inherited a few 90s era VHS porn from howie. Some of the same people are in The Milk Man as in a compiliation I already owned (Supersuckers of Porn -VHS) that I bought for $14 in the discount bend in 2000 something. Vivid seems to use a lot of the same “actors” over and over. I guess they all do. I’ve always been conservative about porn though – no more than 3 to 5 tapes at any given time that I could get for cheap in the discount bend.

    Hey, from reading the above you could write porn scripts dude!

  2. Wade Boggs Says:

    I thought I was the only guy on earth who had a love for Mia Powers! I saw a movie of hers called “Hot Cargo” where she performs two scenes. The first scene is arguably my favorite scene from a porno ever! If she had performed anal in it, my cock probably would’ve just exploded, rendering it useless for any future lovin’ with a girl or even myself. Glad to see someone else with an unhealthy obsession of her. Just wish someone knew what happened to her!

  3. julie Says:

    Yeah, Mia and Mark Wallice are hot ! The best part I think is later when Mark pushes her back onto the bed and you can see Mia’s face light up as his cock slides into her for the first time, and he just leaves it there for a bit letting her enjoy it while he fondles her breasts. Then he starts fucking her and she her face really sparks up. When he fucks her shes there smiling and her nipples are flicking backwards and forwards in time with his hips 🙂 Yum !
    Wish I could find a video of them now ..

  4. Mia Powers Says:

    Sorry sugar……hate to break it to you, but I did get my teeth fixed. I’m sad to hear you believe most would have found/find my looks unappealing…..but I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm for this scene. My personal fave would have to be with Randy West in Sea of Lust, but then, I’m not the viewer. xoxox Mia

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