Hail Motel Todd!

Motel Todd.

At AHA he was the one I felt experienced the most: drugs, sex, jobs, women, hell. I wouldn’t dare put a dime in the jukebox of his suffering, I feel like I’ve lived whole other lifetimes flipping through his selections: more and more drugs, depraved sex, horrible jobs, evil or lost women, nonstop hell, each one a dart thrown at your face, all at once.

He’s a damned good writer. He should take the sum of his writings from AHA and bind a book. Howington tells me Todd’s submitted shit was always illegible and riddled with typos, but between the two of them the final product always gleamed.

I don’t believe what Todd believes about politics, but I don’t judge him or his writing. Can the following statement be any more generic: his experiences shaped his valid point of view. Dat’s dat.

What will Todd do with his seed of greatness, plop it in a pipe and smoke it? Wash it down with a beer? (Hopefully he’s not pounding them like the good old days).

The choice is his.

This has been my hail of Motel Todd. Read his shit. It’s good.

Link to Motel Todd’s Dildo Misanthrope


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2 Responses to “Hail Motel Todd!”

  1. moteltodd2 Says:

    Wow thanks for the praise. Yeah taking up writing as a vocation/hobby is a little harder when you were a B student at best in English class (most of my English grades were Cs or Ds) – hahaha. One thing that makes me feel better though is that illiteracy has gotten so bad in this country, I’d probably be an A+ student in high school these days. Glad to see you started a blog

  2. meatlights39 Says:

    Your praise is well-deserved. I wasn’t going to tell you or Howie about M-39 until I reached 100 posts (minus the quoticles). If you haven’t told him yet…hold off…I’m almost to 100 anyway.

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