Two workouts in one day – yeah right, blanco nino

Of course I didn’t get up and go the gym this morn before work…that’s insanity. But I did have a delightful workout in the evening.

Much to my amazement, arriving just a half-hour early made a huge difference…only 3 or 4 jerks were in the gym and they soon left, leaving me with thousands of square feet of space to myself. I put them to good use.

I’ve been super-pissed about gaining back some weight I’d lost…to my credit it took a lot of “work” to gain it back…whole pizzas and hamburgers and shakes over a week of lying there watching The Sniper Channel on Tivo.

By the end of October I hope to be a minimum of 10 pounds lighter. If I’m close, I could always cut off my head.

Update:  A few months later I did workout twice in one day.  Overrated.  Ha ha ha 

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