Water Trivia

Let it not be said by my several readers I don’t provide valuable trivia.

Some fun facts about water, gleaned from the Operator’s Companion by USABluebook (2002).

* It requires approximately 4 gallons of water to process a pound of hamburger.

* It takes 1,500 gallons of water to make one barrel of beer.

* About 39,000 gallons of water are used to manufacture a new car.

* There are about 17 million households in the U.S. that use water from private wells.

* An average residence in the U.S. uses 107,000 gallons per year.

* The average daily cost of public water supply is 25 cents per person.

* Of all the earth’s water, 97% is in the oceans, 2% is frozen, and 1% is suitable for drinking water.

* A human can survive for about a month without food, but can live only about a week without water.

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