useful shit of a tidbit

I read this info from time to time in an email…one of those things you should do immediately but never get around to doing.  Recently I had to pay my car registration by mail so while I had the shit out I took the plunge, and now since you’re reading this why don’t you follow my lead.

If you work at a place with Xerox privileges or if you have a printer/scanner (in 2007 this is very likely)  take every card and important paper in your wallet or purse–specifically your IDs and credit cards–lay ’em down and copy or scan both sides.

Now, should something happen like ID theft you have a nice record of all those numbers you see everyday but take for granted will be here tomorrow.  You also have a nice copy to give to your local cops.

I see the all-in-one printer/scanner/blender under your desk, motherfucker.  Without a second to lose, finish reading this superb advice and get to it.  You’re welcome.


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