Review of Bushite Fury’s “The Virus” is a website devoted to making fun of, well, niggers: Blacks that have completely failed to become part of greater society except as a poor, criminal burden. The moderators of niggermania take the position that they are not hateful, because they deem niggers less than human and regard them as wild animals, unable to live up to “human” standards. They wonder aloud why society tolerates them, albeit humorously.

The Virus is a free online novella written by “Bushite Fury”. It’s about Aaron Winters, a White Man and former computer programmer angry at the destruction of American values at the hands of the Bush government and political correctness, the former because Bush (assuming it’s George W.) has invaded Syria and made foreign relations even worse, and the latter for allowing gangs of Blacks to terrorize the cities.

With the government taking over and fully monitoring all of the internet and other communications and the media complicit in censoring all “intolerant” news, Winters knows it’s only a matter of time before there’s no chance for any kind of resistance, especially with gangs on the edge of taking over his once-nice neighborhood. He and his neighbors hatch plans to escape.

Winters packs up his family and builds a hidden cabin in a national park, where he and his wife and two small children exercise, read and above all, learn to survive, hunting, fishing, tracking, etc. The prose during these parts goes down like flat soda, but adequately explains what would be a tremendously difficult process in a believable way. Dialogue and other elements of storytelling are raw and unpolished.

The virus of the title refers not only to the decay of society by unseen (or unacknowledged) forces but a computer virus that Winters builds in secret to unleash on the government as revenge.

Author Fury is at his best when explaining the destructive results of America turning its back on its history and allowing segments of the population to literally get away with murder in the name of “tolerance”. The tragedy of our times is that questioning the forces overtly and covertly destroying America are found in sophomoric yet honest efforts like this, instead of being front page news and debated everywhere from park benches to the halls of Congress.

Curiously (or not) the word ‘nigger’ is nowhere to be found in the text of The Virus, nor is any direct mention made of the “real” enemy, The Jews. Fury also prefers the pagan religions to Christianity, an odd choice.

The Virus deserves a skimming at least. Hopefully its talking points will be revisited. By me.

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7 Responses to “Review of Bushite Fury’s “The Virus””

  1. motel todd Says:

    Sounds like an interesting book. I guess if something like that goes down we’ll be “liberated” like Iraq -hahaha!

  2. Random Shit « Says:

    […] rant/review about Bushite Fury’s The Virus seems to get a lot of hits. The longer I go without re-reading it the more ridiculous the novella […]

  3. Ronduck Says:

    I read the book and it seems to have been written by a Brit who uses some obvious Anglicisms such as ‘off to university.’

    How do you feel about the Roman Catholic Church here in America? Do you feel it is powerless or do you feel it is running cover for the Brown Wave across our southern border?

  4. meatlights39 Says:

    With no mention of colors or blame, the fact remains, no nation can last infinitely against a ceaseless influx of poor, illiterate “immigrant” invaders who don’t speak the national language and refuse to assimilate into the dominant culture.

    A country with free elections, an abused welfare system and legal system on life support cannot (and should not) tolerate such an invasion.

    Without well-defined borders, language and culture, any nation is doomed to perish.


    We pretty much doomed… kiss white goodbye soon we lost…

  6. HornyChink Says:

    Good review.Btw,part 2 is out and 3 is coming.I`m luv`n it!

  7. Sammy Smith Says:

    It’s a pretty good read. I liked it. The writing is not the best in the world but the point is made and it’s fairly exciting, a bit of a page turner. Not bad for an amateur.

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