News? Here’s the news: fuck this.

If you’re a fan of common sense, reading the front page of the Drudge Report won’t do anything for you or your blood pressure.  Illegal scum in the US, Muslim scum taking over Britain, the discovery that a kid playing with matches caused one of the huge California wildfires, candidates completely unqualified in every respect dangerously close to being considered for the Presidency.   

It’s very hard to maintain any kind of perspective when all of the stupid shit is laid on you at once.

I wish I could show all the idiots a time-lapse of the needless and avoidable damage and destruction they cause, then shoot them in both kneecaps, because even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they’re dead wrong, they never learn. 

I’m in a pickle here.  Life isn’t worth living, yet there are certain aspects of it I want to defend.

Whoever heard of a suicidal survivalist?




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