Cake beats steroids like paper covers rock

I keep seeing “hits” for my few posts about Androgel, a prescribed low-dose topical testosterone. I’m awaiting the results of the latest blood test, since the readings are thrown off for anyone even a slight bit overweight. I don’t expect to be diagnosed with low “T”.

I’ve learned since that Androgel isn’t worth a damn for bodybuilding anyway, the dosages are pathetically small.

Other problems abound.

The body adapts to the influx of T. When you first start taking Androgel there might be a surge of some kind, but in order to see real muscle gains T levels would have to keep rising and we all know regular prescriptions don’t rise like that. And like I wrote before somewhere around here, ‘roid hulks inject 200 times the normal amount of T per week. You’d have to fill a bathtub with Androgel to even come close to that.

With T from an outside source, the body stops making its own, which makes you totally dependent on a chemical your body makes for free; no good unless you really need it.

Scariest of all, testosterone aromatizes into estrogen…the hardcore hulks at the gym that know better take massive doses of estrogen-blockers on top of the ‘roids…very hard on the liver.

I hope no one’s coming here seeking health advice, I have none with the exception of “eat right and exercise.”

Personally, BFL aka Body-For-Life has yielded results for me, its effectiveness limited only by my love of Swiss cheese and cake.

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