Iran Delenda Est

My old man knows more than me. We had lunch and he expanded on a recent email of his about the realities of might and right and coming threats to the economy in the form of deflation.

I’ve summarized these ideas here, mostly in my own words.

When you’re the big dog on the block (USA), you’re going to get challenged. By necessity a leader must be able and willing to bully and punish others, if he wants to stay the leader.

Why is the dollar weakening? Lack of confidence. Why is there a lack of confidence? Because Bush says the right things but doesn’t back them up, and other countries, perceiving weakness (Osama called the USA a “paper tiger”) are emboldened.

The noodle-spined and UN just make things worse. The Founding Fathers knew firsthand that no matter what, about 33% of the population is going to be against whatever’s going on. We can’t risk losing everything because people who have never went hungry even a day in their lives find war “uncomfortable”.

Of the Axis of Evil (North Korea, Iran, Iraq) we should’ve invaded Iran first. We didn’t and from that perspective, even the Iraq invasion was perceived as weakness, like only beating up the sidekick of the main opponent.

Machiavelli said: …it is better to be feared than loved.

Our next move should be sending 100 F-22 Raptors over Iran to take out every last one of their military installations. Remember I told you, China now uses one-half of the world’s supply of concrete and one-third of the steel. They’re not about to slow down, and Russia is in real danger of falling back into Soviet-style tyranny. Fucking Putin wants to be another Lenin.

(I mention to Pops that Russia’s declining birth rate leaves them especially vulnerable to invasion by China…earlier Pops had reminded me that China could take over any nation they wanted by simply marching civilians into it).

If you lived in a shithole (like Russia) would you want to bring 3 or 4 children into the world? That’s why all the Eastern Europeans are coming here (to America) to work at Wal-Mart.

Attacking Iran will remind Russia and China that we are crazy motherf–kers capable of anything. We may also have to stop all Chinese imports to especially remind them who is still the big dog. In which case Wal-Mart will be 80% empty.

It all comes down to commitment. If the British had sent 250,000 soldiers instead of only 50,000, the American Revolution would’ve been short lived.

Teddy Roosevelt was a great man. “Speak softly but carry a big stick” is as true today as it was nearly a century ago.

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3 Responses to “Iran Delenda Est”

  1. motel todd Says:

    I agree sirs! After the air campaign we can send in Blackwater and few columns of The Kiss and Salvation Armies. Don’t pay any attention to the military folk who say we’re already stretched way too thin – what do they know about war anyway! Nixon was right. The Vietnamese did follow of us here after we left. They opened up cafes though instead of opening fire. Silly bastards!

  2. meatlights39 Says:

    You seem to forget what the Vietnamese did to their own after we left (cue photo of the thatch hut filled to the brim with skulls).

    Like I wrote: “By necessity a leader must be able and willing to bully and punish others, if he wants to stay the leader.”

    The USA is still the leading nation in the world. By our own virtue and vice, we are the world’s policeman whether we want the job or not.

    China is not going to settle for second place. Even if the leftists got their wish and all US troops returned to the States tomorrow, the Dragon would do nothing differently. They want to rule.

    I don’t like violence, it’s messy and the wrong people sometimes come out on top due to sheer god-damned luck. But not all evils are wrought by evil corporations or Bush…some are actually necessary no matter who’s in charge.

    Take what I’m saying down to the micro level: if the leader of the Hell’s Angels lets his underlings steal from him or make fun of him behind his back, he has two choices: resign in shame or punish the offending out-of-line members, with death if necessary. That’s the price for being the Leader, whether you’re running the Hell’s Angels, a mafia or a Dunkin Donuts.

    Re: Vietnam again: both Johnson and Nixon were egotistical fuckheads and both failed to fight to win.

  3. moteltodd2 Says:

    Some interesting points. I found it interesting the other day, though, when Bush said we should have stayed in Vietnam LONGER! The Vietnamese Government (I know they’re commies) disagreed with our ..umm.. Current President. The first American soldier in that war died in 1959 and the last in 1975. At least on the battlefield. That’s 16 years! Way too long for ANY war in my opinion. I was sick of war by the time I was 10. Note to America: if you want future soldiers, hide the fucked up vets from the kids!

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