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Too many words about Dog the Bounty Hunter

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Before the media fracas over Dog the Bounty Hunter’s racial-slur tainted phone conversation, here’s what little I knew of him, whether accurate or not:

* From an article about his criminal life before becoming a bounty hunter: after he refused to rob a church one of the other members of his gang said something like, “You’re not God, you’re ‘God’ backwards…you’re a dog.”

* He first got famous for bringing in Andrew Luster, a millionaire serial date rapist, who will now rot in prison for the rest of his life. (Shithole mexico, where Luster was apprehended, tried to lock Dog up since “bounty hunting is illegal” there, but eventually all charges were dropped. Meanwhile mexico won’t allow American cop-killers nor other criminal illegals who run back to mexico to be extradited).

* Dog dresses like all the members of Twisted Sister. Combined.

* His wife is fat but strangely attractive.

* Dog has to carry a Taser–no firearms–because he’s a former convicted criminal.

* I’ve seen a grand total of 10 minutes of his show. With furious intensity he captures a fat Hispanic fugitive with his team. He seems pissed-off at him, but after the wanted man is in custody Dog becomes a big, weepy softy, concerned that the fugitive take care of his situation. (Yes, it could all be an act for the camera, but wtf).

* Comedienne Andi Smith had a good Dog the BH observation.

When I heard the recorded phone conversation that may or may not end Dog’s TV career (You can find it in its entirety at wikipedia) I knew what he meant: he didn’t trust the black woman his son was dating. But even I had to cringe when Dog used a full-fledged”example” of real racism versus the moral character of the son’s (golddigger?) girlfriend.

“If Lyssa [Dog’s daughter] was dating a nigger, we would all say ‘fuck you!’ And you know that. If Lyssa brought a black guy home … ya da da. It’s not that they’re black, it’s none of that. It’s that we use the word ‘nigger.’ We don’t mean, ‘you fucking scum nigger without a soul.’ We don’t mean that shit.”


I believe there’s a large twilight zone between people who pretend they’re not racist (read: everyone) but always refrain from using racial slurs even in private and people like Dog who use the n-word but can flip the racism behind it on and off like a switch. With the media biased the way it is, it’s not worth it for anyone to try defending use of the ‘nigger’ outside of talentless Black rappers (read: 99% of rappers). The leftist media views racial slip-ups (of conservatives only) like cockroach sightings which justify burning down the house if not the whole neighborhood.

I’m fed up with Whites having no civil rights while these pathetic little shits society keeps churning out by the bucketload validate their limited self-worth with accusations or comparisons of racism. The parasite says to himself, “I may take more than I give, but at least I’m not a racist!”  It’s usually deviant hypocrites who like to stand next to the Accused so they look good by comparison.

Dog the BH, for all this faults, captured a serial rapist while putting a symbolic thumb in the eye of the mexican “legal system” in the process. What the fuck have the “non-racists” done? Work to”free mumia?

The biggest sinner of the Dog fiasco is son Tucker. He betrayed his own blood for profit. If this was a Godfather movie he’d already be sleeping with the fishes.