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It should arrive soon

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Since the Student Loan Usurers are raping me Deliverance-style every month, I decided I might as well blow what’s left on things that might actually help get me out of this mess and make life bearable, so today I made my most expensive voluntary purchase of the year by mail-ordering…a small word processor with a 6-line LCD screen.

No email, no internet, not even a clock: all you can do with the “Word-Maker” is WRITE, and maybe use it as a paperweight.

I need it because the lure of the regular craptop is as powerful to me as alcohol or sex is to others. The internet has become a huge distraction and liability, a gobbler of time that, for me, is better spent writing.

Will I produce good writing on the Word-Maker? Who cares, I’ll produce a hell of a lot more; I’m not worried about quality right now.

What makes the new machine worthwhile is the ability to upload text from it to a real computer for editing later, making the Word-Maker a Creation Engine only.

Creation is my ticket out of here.