The turd of life rolls on

With the Blog Views, I never drop to zero after missing a day or two, which is good since I’ve only got average 130 posts.  It means there’s a little fire here; even the flare of a match is enough to burn down a forest.

The Word-Maker arrived last Monday–a day early–I wrote about it on it, then didn’t bother to upload the words it made.  True to prediction, I’m getting more real writing done with the device, still not enough overall but more than zero (just like the Views).

The lottery refuses to bend to my will, so it’s writing for me (please no “artiste” commentaries on how writing is about Art, not money.  I’m the only one around here who makes a fool of himself).

Still eating turkey leftovers…still delicious.  The Fam got an “organic” bird this year, which could mean a thousand things; here it was only important the bird not be a Dolly Parton Butterball with only white meat.

Onward towards motherfucking Christmas.

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