Another day of drizzle

Compared to yesterday, things went semi-smoothly today. Got up late after staying up until 3AM.

The locksmith shop was open, manned by a friendly geek. I had 3 keys made, totaling almost 15 dollars; money well spent, since had the original snapped (or I’d eaten it) I’d have been fucked like butter in Hell.

I made one last run by the asshole bookstore, hoping there’d be a big stack of the paperback I wanted (nope). Last night Wal-mart didn’t have it either, but they did have Orson Scott Card’s Empire, about a 21st century American civil war. It was on sale and now I’m 50 pages in. So far it’s decent.

The Word-Maker is doing well, I’ve been getting more writing done. I should’ve already been using it instead of dicking around online, but at least there’s a device dedicated to the seperate challenge of writing.

I don’t have any desires for Xmas crap save one, and that’s nobody gets me anything so I don’t have to get them anything. Unfortunately, it’s never worked out.

I’m not thankful for anything. Cripples doesn’t make me happy I can walk, the blind doesn’t make me grateful I can see. The earth is a tin-foil wrapped turd, sparking in the microwave oven of space.

Here’s hoping the giant asteroid makes earth’s doom quick and efficient.

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