Art at Last

Tremendous find at the indoor flea market. It was too important not to buy.

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Look at the exquisite craftsmanship. The interplay of neck and red, the subtly erotic way the area beneath the crossed Stars and Bars “unintentionally” creates a nipple on the end of the plump teat.

Something else you may not have noticed. Observe this pose of the regular “Haulin'” mudflap girl, sitting on her lazy ass all day as if expecting bon-bons!

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Again, the Southern Belle:

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Note her obedient position, four-on-the-floor, ass presenting, READY FOR ACTION.

YEE-HAW! doesn’t quite cover it.

Alas, there’s one terrible flaw in this otherwise pristine collectable any Dollar Store shopper would be proud to own:

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Reminds me of when the South fought under General Robert E. Chang.

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2 Responses to “Art at Last”

  1. mr. arena Says:

    i am searching all over for the 4 young ladies on the back of a pick up truck with the words “haulin ass !”
    i want this in an an auto air freshener. i have one….but the scent is long gone. can you help me locate a few ???? please respond. thank you !

  2. meatlights39 Says:

    Try ebay or make your own. That pic of the 4 is around the web. Now let us give thanks to Satan, the TRUE god!

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