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Tonight’s dinner…

Sunday, 9 December 2007

…was free-range chicken.  Two 3lb. birds, following the trend of free-range turkey for Thanxgetting.

At 10 bucks each these chickens ain’t cheap, but they’re damned delicious.  We’re really paying for being able to eat fresh, naturally-raised meat while not having to wield a hatchet, pluck feathers or shit in an outhouse.

Also had some leftover venison that a friend cooked up last night.  Bambi was also delicious.

Review of “300”

Sunday, 9 December 2007

I was slightly let down by this film.

It’s a tad too long and…not violent enough.


I enjoyed the spearing of idiot Persians (aka Iranians) but after the first 3 or 4 got owned, I was hoping the Persians after them would fight a little smarter than Star Wars stormtroopers.  They didn’t.  CGI blood seemed to float off-screen with no splatter anywhere.

While I enjoyed the amputations there were too few of them, and no decapitations save one which was reserved to make a “dramatic moment”.

300 was based on a graphic novel with a profitable fan base.  None of the manly ideals such as throwing defective babies off cliffs, spurning the crippled, beating children while teaching them combat, using nubile, half-naked women as oracles and giving women second class status would ever make it into the usual politically-correct, sissified bullplop that passes for  standard cinema fare.

*300″ exploits the violence of men at war to sell tickets without paying the tiniest homage to real manliness.  In that sense, it’s a con job.

Most everything is.

The Last King of Scotland

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Forrest Whitaker is terrifying as Idi Amin.  He deserved the Oscar, as well as his sweat glands which seemed to work overtime in every scene.

I was disappointed to learn the Scottish character was fictional, though the story was based around (mostly) true events.

The Scottish character gets the Ennis Del Mar Dumbass Award, for being seen in public with the person he’s having illicit relations with.

A big thumbs up for portraying the dumb-as-fuck liberal/world media as being gullible and dumb-as-fuck.

A good movie which reminds you to never EVER, ever Never, NEVER ever never visit Africa.

Stephen King has it in for Meatball-Americans

Sunday, 9 December 2007

I’ve read all Stephen King works up till 1993. Nowhere in any of the novels, short stories or movies is there a single “positive” Italian-American character.

If there be a wop in a King Book, he’s got three choices of what to be: mafioso, wiseguy or crime boss. OR there’s the stereotype-breaking characters:  in Skeleton Crew it’s an old,  stinking, ignorant, bandana-wearing, banana-peddling junk dealer (missing only the monkey and the organ) or the watermelon-slinging meatball with his old-country Luigispeak in The Long Walk.

Look, I (used to) love Stephen King. Whatever he’s got against Americans-of-Italian-descent is his problem. That and the oh-so-rare rare ability to say in 23 words what better writers say in ONE.

I really don’t give a damn, I’m just surprised no one else ever noticed Stephen King’s prejudice.


Cry for Superman :(

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Superman is cursed, both literally and figuratively.  If he saves someone from say, drowning, everyone else who had a loved one drown (or fall, or get in a car wreck) around the same time is going to be pissed off at him.  He must constantly be accused of playing favorites, and no superpowers he has can protect him from feeling like he’s let someone somewhere down.

Superman has it very rough.   

New Category: Stuff Only I Think About

Sunday, 9 December 2007

This category is indeed “Stuff Only I Think About”.

I’m confident I’m the only person on earth thinking about what I describe here, when I describe it. What you do with this information is up to you.

First entry:

That scene in Footloose where vandals throw a brick through Ren McCormack’s (Kevin Bacon) stepdad’s front window and the rock has BURN IN HELL painted on it.