Review of “300”

I was slightly let down by this film.

It’s a tad too long and…not violent enough.


I enjoyed the spearing of idiot Persians (aka Iranians) but after the first 3 or 4 got owned, I was hoping the Persians after them would fight a little smarter than Star Wars stormtroopers.  They didn’t.  CGI blood seemed to float off-screen with no splatter anywhere.

While I enjoyed the amputations there were too few of them, and no decapitations save one which was reserved to make a “dramatic moment”.

300 was based on a graphic novel with a profitable fan base.  None of the manly ideals such as throwing defective babies off cliffs, spurning the crippled, beating children while teaching them combat, using nubile, half-naked women as oracles and giving women second class status would ever make it into the usual politically-correct, sissified bullplop that passes for  standard cinema fare.

*300″ exploits the violence of men at war to sell tickets without paying the tiniest homage to real manliness.  In that sense, it’s a con job.

Most everything is.

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