Stephen King has it in for Meatball-Americans

I’ve read all Stephen King works up till 1993. Nowhere in any of the novels, short stories or movies is there a single “positive” Italian-American character.

If there be a wop in a King Book, he’s got three choices of what to be: mafioso, wiseguy or crime boss. OR there’s the stereotype-breaking characters:  in Skeleton Crew it’s an old,  stinking, ignorant, bandana-wearing, banana-peddling junk dealer (missing only the monkey and the organ) or the watermelon-slinging meatball with his old-country Luigispeak in The Long Walk.

Look, I (used to) love Stephen King. Whatever he’s got against Americans-of-Italian-descent is his problem. That and the oh-so-rare rare ability to say in 23 words what better writers say in ONE.

I really don’t give a damn, I’m just surprised no one else ever noticed Stephen King’s prejudice.


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