I mostly never read my own shit once it’s shat

Can’t understand why certain posts are read more than others.  Why did 9 viewers suddenly decide a months-old aside about workouts would be interesting?

Posts mentioning sex always seem to do well.  Maybe I should commit to being Harold Robbins for a time and see if the hits rise.

Lately I’ve been avoiding the gym, partly ’cause time was better spent during my all-too-short week off from work.  Now it’s post-vacation depression doing me in.  My schedule varies day to day and that doesn’t help.  Tomorrow I’ll be back on the iron at the worst time, when all the roid-dicks are there.  Two things I hate at the gym are youth and width.  Hot gym women should be leashed to their roidfriends so they don’t get anyone’s hopes up.

Realized today I better get in as much gym time BEFORE the arrival of the January Joiners, those temporarily motivated folks who sign-up and crowd the gym for about a month, then mercifully vanish.

How I hate not being wealthy enough to never leave the house.

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