Jerking it later makes up for a lot

Just finished 7 straight days of mind-numbing, soul-killing “work”. Bitch, complain, do nothing. Old news.

WTF was that shit last week on Smallville? It made no fucking sense. Bizarro.

Kitchen Nightmares also ended. I was surprised that some of the turned-around restaurants indeed failed, though it was only explained in codas without revisiting the damned. It’s odd to see any discussion or admission of failure outside of sports or news.

The Word-Maker is helping me to write more. I’ve taken it to the liberry and made progress despite a loud-ass “class” of some kind yakking it up in one of the glassed-in “study” rooms.

Prince of Darkness. Small movie with big ideas. I have a message for you…and you’re not going to like it. Ha! ha! ha! ha!

Reading a book about survivalists. Good so far, I’ll review it when finished.

It finally got cold. All those folks north of say, Georgia, would probably be giving me BOTH frozen middle fingers had they the electricity to read this.

Florida in July is disgusting, hot, sticky, humid as a sauna, the closest to feeling trapped inside a frog’s swampy scrotum. I like and deserve cold winter, low 40s at the lowest. We’d been trapped the last 2 weeks in some kind of warm front which finally died tonight.

I DL’ed a video specifically for Kaylan Nicole, “kissing lips” tattoo on her ass and all. No Wallace, but the Three Stooges (North, Boy, Byron) were around. To my disappointment, TT finished in the other wench’s butt. There’s always something to fuck up the fucking. Still, I like Rex Borsky’s work.

The windows are open and it’s cold. I have tomorrow off. Kaylan Nicole will soon greet man-yogurt. Life is better than suck. Hail.

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