Xmas morning: the sensation of fellatio by way of material goods

Xmas morning.

I made out like a bandit in the mansion of a blind millionaire who wasn’t home because he was visiting family in another state, and would’ve had the new Brinks(tm) alarm system up except it wasn’t installed because Larry’s sister-in-Law had a baby so he feigned illness and no one was able to come out before the unnamed blind guy left town.

Xmas isn’t about the giving, it’s about the taking. I am now the proud owner of an infrared laser-guided digital thermometer, when just hours before I wasn’t.  Also got a kickass jacket and a bag of cash.


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One Response to “Xmas morning: the sensation of fellatio by way of material goods”

  1. Digital Howie Says:

    I got a couple gift cards, one to Central Market, and about a $1000 in cash and a check from my mother and step-dad. I got a Far Side desk calendar and a gift card from my other set of parents, my old man and step-mother. The Far Side cally is going to a woman at work who likes Far Side. I also re-gifted some beer glasses, which were horrid, to my dad and step-mother. They weren’t too impressed with them either and the funny thing is the woman at work who gave them to me knows my step-mother. Ha. It’ll be funny if the woman at work ever finds out. She’ll kill me. So what? I wanna die anyways. Now I’m at work, the day after X-mas, and about 10 of us are here. It’s quiet, boring and gonna be a l o n g day.

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