Enjoying the plants?

Why yes, I am.  It’s now “5:20”, I took just enough “snowcap” to be mellow and swimmy at the same time.  The world should always feel so soft.
For me, the indentured servitude of a shit job resumes tomorrow.  When you hate people as much as I do, the only jobs with manageable stress levels are hermit, hermit crab, astronomer (big telescopes only) and night watchperson.  Any time people are involved it’s going to be terrible.

I didn’t write much at all this past week and I’m not sorry about it.  Who cares.  The stupid will be stupid tomorrow, the damned remain damned, scuba-diving below an oil fire.

I’m enjoying using my infrared thermometer gun.  I’ve zapped all kinds of objects…I like the added input of knowing the temperatures of things and the knowledge accrued is far from useless.

Example:  ladies, I may not have a 12″ penis, but it’s 95 degrees.

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