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Poetry Corner: “I will fuck your wife”

Friday, 28 December 2007

Her knees depress a pillow on the floor as I slide it hot past her glistening lips
and slowly pull out,
her saliva surf washing over the thin skin,
soaks her own sealed mouth and slithers down her chin, a swaying line of spit that strikes between her huge breasts.
I massage her shoulders, happy for her finally getting some
even if it’s just
thick ropes of man-yogurt
hot down her throat.

Sex Plan if I was a midget

Friday, 28 December 2007

If I was a midget, I’d team up with a midget wingman and go out and try to get normal-sized women to join us in a menage a midge. Because midgets are smaller we’d have better odds…the hook is, together we’d only equal ONE man…it would feel more natural to a woman, like being with only one man cut in half instead of two full-grown idiots.

If I was midget, that would be the Sex Plan.