Is Satan the Father? Find out after these messages.

I vacillate between believing God or Satan runs the Show. If Satan is the True God, then the rare comfort of religion and the kindness of a few souls is the true victory. If God is the Real, it means all of the horror has His approval. God laughs at the grand illusion while for us it is absolutely terrifying and real, with less than 50 living souls able to see the underlying green code of the Matrix.

To God, the evil that men do is simply a debt they shall pay later. He doesn’t hate the wicked nor especially love the good. It’s hard to accept this concept, maybe impossible, while alive.  Abstain from judgment! Of everything! 

I really need to get off the fucking internet, just blank it out for a week at a time (minus meatlights and email). The web is worse than alcohol and TV. Hard drugs may kill you, but all that means is you won’t live to suffer the consequences of your mistakes, unlike if you watch 2 Girls, 1 Cup (I haven’t and never will, if I can help it).

I’m afraid to imagine what life will be in 50 to 100 years when the Matrix is real and we’ll click through entire worlds like ghosts who feel everything as if living.

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One Response to “Is Satan the Father? Find out after these messages.”

  1. motel todd Says:

    Funny stuff. The internet is changing the world – in good and bad ways.

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