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Apocalypto Now

Monday, 14 January 2008

Saw Apocalypto today.  Depressing.  Several sources claim it’s “adrenaline-rush” fast but it ain’t.  There are long lags.  Having your heart cut out and your head cut off shouldn’t involve a DMV-style wait in line.  It’s gory and violent but, like 300, there just isn’t enough (I can’t sit through gorefests like the SAW flicks but do expect more blood in these adventure/war films).

A real problemo I have with entertainment these days is the lack of even “movie” logic.  I understand that by not sending the hot teen girl into the “abandoned” warehouse to look for her lost bottlecap, no one can cut her head off.  But could you at least make it something worthwhile for her to search for, like car keys?

The problemo I had with Apocalypto is the beginning where one of the tribal elders is a dumbass whose lack of curiosity leads to doom.  It’s a miracle he lived to be an elder.  On the plus side, one of the villains looked like an asshole I used to work with, were he an ancient Mayan.  I was delighted at what happened to him and wish I could do the same to my old co-worker.

I liked Apocalypto, it’s well made, but I have no reason to ever revisit.  There’s just no point.

Saying No to Dr. No

Monday, 14 January 2008

If I had my druthers (whatever they are) all the Presidential candidates would stand for most of what Ron Paul does.

Hey, I’m for limited government, minimal taxation and maximum personal freedom.

The problem is, the majority of Americans aren’t for those things.

* The average American doesn’t know the Constitution limits government power.

* The average American thinks the government should take care of everyone well beyond those Constitutional limits.

* The average American doesn’t know how the economy works (reference: Homer Simpson in the “Frank Grimes” episode).

And oh yes, the average American has always enjoyed interfering with his neighbors’ happiness, at the cost of his own freedom and tax dollars. Mr. Bluenose has a lovely wife to fuck, yet he feels a zoned, legal red light district would somehow hurt him personally. He’d rather the cops go after strippers turning tricks on the side than child rapists and burglars. It’s also been proven sad-ass drunks can’t stand the sound of stoners laughing, so the naturally growing marijuana plant must be banned.

The idea that people can do as they please provided they don’t infringe on the rights of others is a fairly new idea, one that most Americans presently don’t accept.

Ron Paul’s foreign policy is his key weakness. A strong national defense and military will always be needed, and part of it involves fighting other countries and in other countries. A Paul presidency would see China take over the rest of the world “as long as they don’t invade US territory”. So what, they save us for last?

I like most of Ron Paul’s platform, but it’s ruined by people and reality.