Heath Ledger (1978 – 2008)

Likable actor who seemed cool in real life. Was good in The Patriot, not yet a star.

Brokeback Mountain is the most authentic, well-acted love story of the past decade, though Ennis Del Mar was a bit of a blond dummy (more great acting).

This will sadden the premiere of The Dark Knight. Shades of Brandon Lee.

He resembled porn ogre Alex Sanders, only (far more) handsome.

I never hope anything happens in threes, good OR bad. Between the forgotten Brad Renfro’s OD and Ledger’s accidental OD, if one more famous young actor dies this will become a media “crisis” and government assholes will try to join the circus, crying out for more stupid, ineffectual laws.

There are horrible people out there probably already claiming God was “angry” at the Gay, and that’s why he was taken.

There are thousands, if not millions or perhaps billions of people who would gladly have traded places with him and lived his exact life, even if they knew they’d die at the same age.

Death is also a force of nature. R.I.P.

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