Holy Father in Hell, bring death now

         Jesus Fucking Christ this is Day One of my torment. The last chance to see her would’ve been today but fate said otherwise.
I’ll probably never see her again.
Holy fuck I don’t know what to do next, work out or smoke pot. This is the worst pain anyone faces. How did this happen? I wish I was dead. Life is burned ash and seaweed. Holy shit, this is what the damned suffer. Separation.
I’ve been here before. Nothing makes sense. Objects appear and reappear, you look at them and keep walking not knowing the names of anything. You are a suicide bomber with no trigger, a fluid zombie EXCEPT for the pain. Holy Father in Hell, I’ll take a plate of pancreatic cancer now. Holy fuck I wish I was dead. This pain better pass fast.

But it won’t. It’s only Day One.

One Response to “Holy Father in Hell, bring death now”

  1. Digital Howie Says:

    You’ve been seeing a woman? You’ve NEVER talked of any relationship with any women for all these years I’ve know you, ‘cept for those five minute encounters with the sweet and delectable whores of Tijuana.

    So, my friend,

    I, myself, have stayed away from the female, ‘cept for Amanda. She calls/emails and I listen to her non-stop bitchin’ about life in general and tells me I hide my personal pain very well, the pain of living on this earth at this most fucked up time. She is, as all the women I’ve had relationships with, much more smarter and wiser than myself. For some reason, despite our totally different backgrounds/upbringings, have been friends for a good ten years and have had sex several times. Until last year we had not fucked since 2000. She used to like sex but now, older/wiser, hates it. Like me, I can go for years upon years without sticking my dick into a pussy, she realizes that the act is ultimately an exercise that results in nothing but disappointment (especially for her since I always come way to fast due to my extremely sensitive hard-ons (I’m not premature but I come quick once instead and am hittin’ it), plus her pussy is as tight and warm and moist as a Krispy Kreme donut fresh off the com conveyor belt.

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