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The Net: a shoebox in the closet where nothing is forgotten

Friday, 22 February 2008

The Net lets nothing die.  You can feel all the people you’ve ever met out there:  those you love and those you hate and those you forgot and those you’d rather forget.  The Net touches every single one of them, directly or indirectly.  There is no living “off the grid”, that’s bullshit fantasy.  Somebody somewhere has your number, all your numbers.  You’re protected only by being a nobody and a threat to no one. 

Even then it may not be enough.

I’m OK at finding most people I’ve wanted to find.  I know how their stories are going, most of the Answers about their lives I wanted I got.  Nothing too personal, nothing too major.  Most of them I’ll be happy never to see (in person) again.  My inability to stay silent and not touch a keyboard doesn’t guarantee me a similar fate.  Being on-line will cost me dearly one day.  In some ways it already has.

As the Net cinches tighter and tighter I hold fast to one goal:  to be someone worthwhile in my own eyes when they find me.