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A few words

Saturday, 23 February 2008

My own mildly educated prediction is that after decades of liberal indoctrination and an evil government spreading its tentacles into every last area of Americans’ lives (RINOs are also to blame) the appeal to human nature’s basest undisciplined desires will lead to the majority simply giving up and being bought off. There are no longer enough patriots to sustain a coherent country. America as it was once known will eventually fall, becoming another socialist pig nation just like all the limpwrists and cowards of Neo-Muslim Europe. Then I will laugh as the Red Chinese swoop in and kill all of the liberal intellectual fascists. Hopefully by then I’ll be living in a cave with robots, or dead of pancreatic cancer.

–my own cleverness

Yeah, I’m in love with the above. My own words. Why not? I hope they give my 3 readers pause and make them worry (they won’t).

What does God or Time care about America? Nothing. Both will still be around when America goes under. Together they watched the Roman Empire rise and fall over 10 centuries; not even a single breath.

Ayn Rand warned of what’s happening now. The Creators create and the bureaucrats rob the in the name of fairness, counting on the Creators to “figure something out”. In Atlas Shrugged the Creators said, ‘Fuck Off’ and let everything go to hell. But it’s not going to happen that way. The Creators can’t help but create and the bureaucrats can’t help but steal. It’s a game of tolerance–real tolerance–the measure of how much stress a system can stand before flying apart. No one likes to think about the costs of endless illegal aliens, endless “free” health care, education, food, endless bastards without fathers, endless welfare checks and daycare, endless raises for Congress, endless rules and regulations, endless lies in the schools, endless preached ignorance from those who know better, endless edicts from petty tyrants, endless TV, video games.

Endless blogs.

China will own the world this century. They have the sheer numbers; all they need. They’ll probably take over Russia first. The most we (the US) could do to them is wipe them out once along with ourselves…but even if we threw every nuke in existence at them it wouldn’t be possible to exterminate every last Yellow man and woman.

After the nuclear holocaust, those who survive in the largest numbers will be Chinese.

I’m saddened by the decline of the US. It is, after all, my home. It’s been fairly fair to me, despite its many flaws.

When the the Neo-Mexican invaders celebrate being a majority in 2050 along with America’s intellectual commies, hopefully I’ll be watching from a bunker somewhere, strapped to a chair to ride out the shockwaves as the skies darken with Chinese missiles, their original much-improved targeting technology given to them by Swill Fuckface Clinton long ago.

My only stake in this is a few words. Always was, everything else was/is always too late.

Just like it’s too late for America.