Trival trivia

The only rule was that all of these tidbits had to come from memory, no referencing the net or any other source allowed. Therefore, some may be wrong. Enjoy.

Seaweed is used to make ice cream, human placentas are used to make shampoos, fish scales are used in lip gloss.

Human sperm ejaculates at approx. 28 MPH.

Gorilla penises on average are smaller than human penises, but a full grown gorilla can lift 1000lbs easily.

OJ Simpson had rickets as a kid. His mother helped him to walk by making him wear the opposite shoes on his feet (left shoe on right foot and vice versa).

Smurfs are 3 apples high.

Human babies are born without kneecaps.

Vietcong soldiers would hold their thumbs at arm’s length against an enemy chopper in flight. If the chopper appeared larger than the thumb they’d try to shoot it down.

Richard Nixon was an expert at poker (surprise).

Alfred Nobel create the Nobel Peace Prize so he’d be remembered for something other than inventing dynamite.

Some musicians were observing a line of people waiting to see a horror movie. “Since people like scary movies, why don’t we make scary music?” And Black Sabbath was born.

White chocolate has no chocolate in it.

When US spacecraft landed on the moon it rang like a bell for hours, as if it were hollow.

Satan means “adversary” in Hebrew.

The kokoa is the most poisonous frog in the world, the one rain forest Indians make poison darts from. The poison remains lethal for 12 years after drying.

The opposite of movie special effects are called practical effects. For example, using a rig of sprayers to make rain. Milk is added to movie rain so it shows up on camera.

Real milk appears blue on TV, so glue is used in place of milk in cereal commercials. Dish soap is added to coffee in commercials to make bubbles in it.

Adding baking soda to super glue makes it cure faster.

The son of John Wilkes Booth saved Lincoln’s son from falling in front of a subway.

Giraffes moo, but quietly and seldom.

Alcohol proof is the alcohol content divided by half. 100 proof = 50% alcohol.

During Prohibition, smugglers would dump barrels of booze tied to huge blocks of salt in waterways. Hours later, the salt would dissolve and the booze barrel would rise to the surface. These contraptions were called “hams” and drug dealers do the same thing today.

Blood is thicker than water, but barely, by thousandths of an inch by volume.

Bats have excellent eyesight but can hear the beating of a mosquito’s wings.

Only male mosquitos, which don’t bite, buzz.

The mosquitos “needle” is so small it can slip between human nerve cells. That’s why you don’t feel the bite until it’s too late.

It’s better to let a mosquito finish drinking your blood once it’s started, since it injects anesthetics to numb the area.

During WW2, DDT that “dangerous” pesticide, was poured over refugees to delouse them. American soldiers were given small tins of DDT to delouse themselves as needed. You can eat small amounts of DDT with no adverse effects.

Pure nicotine taken orally or absorbed through the skin is a lethal poison.

A pack of Wrigley’s Gum was the first product to have a bar code.

Truman wanted to use the atomic bomb on Mt. Fuji, an enduring symbol of Japan.

The S. in Harry S. Truman was just the letter. It was a compromise between his parents who both had middle names beginning with S.

Superman was originally an evil character.

Kryptonite was invented during the radio era of Superman. The voice actor was away for a few weeks, so the plot twist had Superman locked in a closet (and coughing) from Kryptonite exposure.

Auto racing and NASCAR developed from souped-up bootlegger cars being raced after Prohibition.

Camel humps are made of fat. They’re called “ships of the desert” because they walk by moving both left legs then both right legs, causing them to sway like a ship.

Sound travels faster through water than air.

Lightning can and does strike the same place twice. It can shoot from ground to sky or sky to ground. Lightning bolts are hotter than the surface of the sun.

During the Civil War, soldiers with maggot-infested wounds had a higher survival rate. The maggots ate the dead flesh in the wounds, preventing gangrene.

To enlist in the Civil War, boys would write the number 16 on a piece of paper and put in in their shoe. When asked if they were “over 16” they could respond truthfully.

Dolphins have larger brains than humans.

The corpus callosum, the bridge between the two halves of the human brain, is larger in both women and gay men.

The universe is not only expanding, but gaining speed.

Caligula made his horse a senator.

In the days of the Gladiator, “thumbs down” from the Emperor actually meant spare the loser’s life. Thumb’s up meant, “Stick it to him” or “Kill him”.

To make the “Horse of a Different Color” in the Wizard of Oz it was rubbed with Jell-O.

A unicorn can only be caught by a virgin.

The original Star Trek aired on…Friday nights (poor nerds).

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was an atheist.

Mr. Spock’s “live long and prosper” hand gesture was taken from Judaism.

Captain Kirk (Shatner) kissing Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) was the first interracial kiss ever shown on TV.

Atari was originally a California company. The name was chosen because it sounded Japanese.

Fortune cookies were invented in New York, Chicago or San Fran, I forget which. But they’re American, dammit!

This post is over.


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