“the secret world of spies”

the fox wears black.fire extinguishers
line up like bowling pins
for the fireball.

her cunt stinks. again.
loser pays the tab.

mustard suicide in the wrist slits
clocked by a breath mint that lost to a garlic gang.

the papers were stolen and no one’s
seen the disk.

have you see my keys?

there’s a ripcord of coffee around your neck
but please don’t pull, you
can’t handle the chute.

the glans rubbed her mons like a loving pet after throwing up Elmer’s Glue all over her carpet.

another idiot challenged the cops with a sword.
perhaps he really was a warrior from the past (he is now).
Bullets, I expect your report on my desk at oh-six-hundred!

blind kittens seesaw atop watermelon wedges
and look like they’re
always smiling.

Your frown is a barricade standing in the crosswalk of holding-hands love.

Why won’t you love me, slanty eyes?
Now all the Asian girls
fear me.

I don’t like basketball, too much bouncing.
I don’t like nascar, too much in-a-hurry.

Chess where you can stab the other player or fuck his wife while shouting CHECK…MATE!–that’s where the action is.

I had a dream I wrote this all down.
now that I have I think I’ll stop eating before sleeping.

the fox hates loose pussy.

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