“murder complete”

Each breath is a blade swallowed…

no, that sucks.

Each breath is a diamond swallowed sideways…

still sucks.  what is it,
what are you really



I don’t know.  Rage implies action. 
my rage
just sits
in a chair.

better.  what else?

I want to kill…

you don’t kill flies without first
for their souls.
why do you want to kill?

I was cheated.

cheated out of happiness?

I don’t know.  I’ve never tasted more than the
wooden spoon in the broth of happiness.

bullshit.  what about the beach?

okay, that’s one time.

there were others.  you were cheated…by whom?

no specifics.  by life, by death, by having to be


I feel like even though I’m understood
it’s useless, all useless.

well, if the automobile of your happiness blows a tire, use despair.

now THAT sucked.  you’re hardly an inspiration.

oh, but I am.  I’m the part of you that wants to sleep.  It’s 2AM.

At last we agree.  I’m using your comments.  This will have to do. 

very good.  now use your eyedrops and go to sleep.

another poem murdered.

I’ll sleep

like a stone



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